Texture, Shapes, Color& Fun. 

New Works

These paintings are again influenced by old Chinese ink wash. Most of them have two components:  a serene landscape and some calligraphy next to it. The calligraphy may represent  a poem describing the landscape or the emotion, with a story attached to the landscape. The most important thing for the painters of that time was to capture the essence and the energy of their subject.
In my paintings I have abandoned the figurative part of the equations to concentrate purely on the essence and energy.
I chose primary color for the landscape portion as they are the most basic and the closest to the essence of the place. Also those very basic shapes are in some way reminiscent of Pop Art. This gives them an irrefutable western signature that is part of my heritage.
For the calligraphy part, again the focus is on the energy and the emotions describing those moments. By using a technique that transfer the paint from a piece of cardboard to the canvas it allows randomness to enter the equations and guide my hands to create those patterns. Since they are random, I believe they do capture the energy of that particular moment. 
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